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SF-CH33-0300 Series Certified Reflective Shell Fabric

YillumaxTM Full Reflective Shell Fabric Grade SF-CH33-0300 series Embedded semi-enclosed glass beads typefull reflective fabric designed for enhancing visibility in low light and nighttime conditions, bonded to a polyestersubstrate composed with wide-angle and high-refractive index retro-reflective lens of glass beads exposedstructure, to improve the wearer is available at night or in adverse environments sight visibility plays a significantrole.

The full reflective shell fabric grade SF-CH33-0300 series double colors full reflective fabric has a polyester TaffetaUltra soft substrate and comes in rolls of 200 meters or 100 meters at a standard 50.8 mm width, other widths areavailable upon request, in a variety of fabrics can be attached or sewn with padding or sewn on to fabrics, such asknit t-shirts, sweatshirts, outerwear for home wash applications. It is suitable for using a computer or laser to carvea variety of fonts or patterns, and then heat them on all kinds of substrate. We supply the best qualified reflectivefabric consistent performance at a competitive price as always.

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Performance: See download Spec sheet for photometric performance.
Backing substrate: 100% polyester. 

Daytime color: double colors.
Domestic Wash: 25 times.
Dry Wash: 5 times.
EN20471 & ANSI compliant: Yes
Oeko-Tex™ ANSI compliant: Yes
Attachment type: Sew on.
Application: Recommended for Medium to heavy Weight Fabrics, such as highquality safety vest or jackets.
Width: standard 5 cm, 1 cm-140 cm,.
Length: 100m, 200m.

Further Information

For more technical information such asadhesion, applications, storage etc.Please download the YillumaxTM SFCH33-0300 series product spec sheet.The YillumaxTM application manualprovides more Information on productusage and is available as a download. Orinquire more details from us directly.

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