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MT Series Window Film

YillumaxTM MT Series Metalized Window film is a kind of 3-5 years durable film which is constructed by vacuum depositing aluminum onto sheets ofpolyester. By using unique minute details controlling in this process, we canmake final products to be 1 ply and 2 ply structures products or able to offer widely varying combinations to achieve customers’ requirements. With different color films, optical densities, and thickness choices, intended for long durable or beautiful appearance automotive windows.

The MT series window film is available in many different colors: silver, black, graphite, natural, green, blue, gold, red bronze etc. Also, some colored metalized films are produced by combining elements of our metallization process together with traditional dye film. The result is a unique film with color on one side and a metallic appearance on the other. We have different width sizes available: 1.52m*30m, 1.52m*60m, 1.52m*600m etc. It is easy to be cutting by knife and install to the windows. More details pls check the Spec sheet.

With moderate reflectivity, excellent heat rejection, stylish and high-quality appearance, the MT series contain vacuum deposited aluminum are ideal for automotive or residential windows to keep privacy, to improve a stylish appearance, to control heat (keep cool during summer and warmer during winter), to protect people from harmful UV rays, to protect eyes against dazzling lights, to protect human against glass scattering when accident. Welcome to find our window films. We supply the best qualified window films with consistent performance at a competitive price as always.

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Performance: See download Specsheet for photometric performance.
Visible Light Transmission:5%, 20%, 35%, 50%, 70%,Customized
Layer: 2 Ply (2 mil)
Colors: Silver, black, green, blue, gold,red bronze etc.
Face: PET, with metalized aluminum.
Adhesive: Permanent PressureSensitive glue.
 Liner: Polymeric Film.
Application Surface: Pre-cleanedwindow glass.
Size: 1.524m*600m, 1.524m*60m,1.524m*30m, 0.5m*60m, 0.5m*30m,Customized
Durability: 3-5 Years Limited Warranty.

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Further Information

For more technical information such asadhesion, applications, storage etc.Please download the YillumaxTM CDseries product spec sheet. The YillumaxTM application manual providesmoreInformation on product usage and isavailable as a download. Or inquire moredetails from us directly.

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