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Popular decal type

YillumaxTM Commercial Grade CP3000 Popular Decal Type Reflective Sheeting series are one kind of 1-3 years durable retro-reflective sheeting embedded with micro spherical glass beads and coated a pressure sensitive adhesive with easy operating release liner, intended for production of temporary signage and pressure sensitive stickers which have the same appearance in the daytime and at night when viewed by retro-reflected vehicle lights. 

The CP3000 reflective sheeting is available in normal eight colors and special seventeen colors, with a choice of three substrates: PET, Acrylic and PVC. The PSA glue with two kinds available: transparent, white. The standard available width sizes are 0.61m, 0.62m, 0.91m, 1.22m, 1.24m. It is easy to be cutting with computerized plotter and printing with digital printers. It is suitable for applying to the pre-cleaned steel, aluminum and plastic boards (Plastic Boards should be tested for suitability before use).

This Grade Reflective Sheeting can also be pre-coated with slant double colored strips or hazard shapes on the surface for finally using as barricade or hazard warning tape, the colors of which is hereby available in many double colors according to the different requirements, the size of the color diameter which is also available in many different sizes according to clients’ request. More details pls check the overview table or Spec sheet.

They are ideal for non-specification signage requirements widely used as construction and temporary traffic signage such as off-road signage and parking lots and ink-jet printing outdoor advertising applications as well. Welcome to find our Commercial Grade Reflective Sheeting. We supply the best qualified Commercial Grade Reflective Sheeting with consistent performance at a competitive price as always.

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Performance: Match value of the coefficient of retro-reflection values of JISZ 9117:2001 1-B-b or see download Spec sheet for photometric performance.
Durability: 1-3 Years Durability Life Vertical Exposure only.
Face: PET, ACRYLIC, PVC Retroreflective Film with Retro-reflectivity element. 
Colors: White, Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, Orange.
Adhesive: Permanent Pressure Sensitive transparent (silver) or white glue.
Liner: Single PE and Double sides silicone Coated Kraft release paper or Polymeric Film.
Application Surface: New PVC Curtains or Pre-cleaned hard surface (Wood and plastic boards are not recommended).
Width: 0.61m, 0.62m, 0.91m, 1.22m, 1.24m.
Length: 45.7m, 91.4m

Further Information
For more technical information such as adhesion, applications, storage etc. Please download the YillumaxTM CP3000 product spec sheet. The YillumaxTM application manual provides more Information on product usage and is available as a download. Or inquire more details from us directly.

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