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Basic Knowledge about Photo Luminescent Film

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Summary:I.What is the photo luminescent film?Photo luminescent film is the soft plastic composite film which is able to cumulate light and give out light, so the luminescent film also can be called light-cumulating film. The surface of the luminescent film i…
I.What is the photo luminescent film?

Photo luminescent film is the soft plastic composite film which is able to cumulate light and give out light, so the luminescent film also can be called light-cumulating film. The surface of the luminescent film is able to absorb the energy of light, when the illumination intensity the surface receives is lower than a certain value, the luminescent film is able to give out light.

Photo luminescent film is made from a new energy material that is able to store energy and give out light (also known as photoinduced overlength afterglow light-cumulating material), that is, this film is made from alkaline earth aluminates activated by the lanthanum, ceramic materials, acrylic acid (acrylic) resin material and other materials. The back of luminescent film is usually coated with pressure sensitive adhesive and covered with release paper.

II. Luminescence Principle of Luminescent Film
Luminescence Principle of photo Luminescent Film: After alkaline earth aluminate activated by the lanthanum, silicate material molecules or the surrounding electrons of atoms activated by the external energy, such as heat, light, and ray, they will transmit from the ground state to the excited state and remain in a unsteady state. After external activation stops, they will return back to the ground state and electrons which has obtained energy from environment in excited state will gradually give out light 

Another explanation for the principle of luminescent film: It is a microscopic physical process.

As the surrounding electrons of rare-earth material and structure atoms under illumination condition, they are able to transmit from low energy level to high energy level and fall into the traps of the structure electrons; in the dark, electrons are able to transmit from high level energy into low level energy, so the luminescent film is able to give out light.

III. Product Properties and Features

1. Photo luminescent film has the properties of light absorption, light cumulating and luminescence; so long as luminescent film absorbs sunlight, lighting, environmental stray light and other visible lights for 10-20 minutes, it is able to continue giving out light in the dark.

2. Product series and colors are various.

No power is needed, according to actual needs, product process design can be used to adjust light time and make luminescent film give out a red, green, blue, yellow and other colored light to give more instruction information to the people in the dark. Its luminescence intensity and luminescence time is 30-50 times over the conventional fluorescence-based materials.

3. The photo luminescent film is widely used.

The photoluminescent film can be cut into different shapes to be pasted to the surfaces of various equipment and items; Patterns and characters can be printed on the surface of photo luminescent film through screen printing or inkjet printing to form a backing light; the photo luminescent film has a certain decorative effect and gives people novel and strange feelings at night or in the dark place.

4. According to the actual needs of public places, luminescent film can be installed on the different positions of the ground, ladder face and shed roof; it is simple to install the photo luminescent films and simple to maintain it.

5. The photo luminescent film has superior anti-aging, corrosion resistance, thermostabilizing, cold resistance and anti-scratch properties. The luminescent film made from PVC material has a certain degree of flame resistance.

6. The photo luminescent film is non-toxic and non-radioactive, and its chemical property is stable; the luminescent film has a long service life and it is 100% safe.

7. The photo luminescent film has some salt water resistance and detergent resistance; if the surface is stained with oil or dust, please clean the surface of the luminescent film with detergent.

IV. Application Scope of Photo Luminescent Film

Photo luminescent films are widely used. They can be used for construction, decoration, transportation, military installations, fire emergency, industry, daily necessities, handicrafts and other fields.

Photo Luminescent films are usually used for evacuation guiding signs and fire safety signs (evacuation exits, evacuation stairs, emergency exits and obstacles, fire equipment signs and warning, prohibition, and mandatory signs).

Photo Luminescent films can be cut into various luminescent graphics affixed to the surfaces of various equipment and items. 
Those films can be used for home decorations or affixed to switches, telephones, handles, decorative electrical supplies, etc. stationery, toys, sporting goods, entertainment fields and public places, such as hotels, corridors, office buildings, cinema, warehouses, cabins and underpass.

V.  Method of Use and Precautions

1.Photo luminescent film should be pasted to a flat surface and pasting temperature shall be 10~40℃.

2. The surface of the object to be affixed shall be cleaned and surface shall not have oil stain, dust, etc.

3.Photo luminescent film will expand when heated and contract when cooled to a certain extent.

For this reason, sliced films should not be left unattended, and should put them in the folder or put under heavy pressure in environment of 40 ~ 60% relative humidity to prevent deformation and curling.

4. While pasting photo luminescent film, people should exert a certain pressure to ensure smooth paste and firm adhesion for edges and corners of luminescent film.

5. To ensure the color brightness and avoid the color difference, the same site should use the same production batch number of photo luminescent film.

6. Orange red and blue photo luminescent film shall fade in the sunlight and they can not be used outdoors.

7. Photo luminescent film should be stored in ventilated, dry and cool warehouse; storage temperature is 15~30℃ and relative humidity is 40~60%.
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